Carpet as we all know it has changed a lot since its beginnings over 100 years ago It now has many different options, designs and purposes, below is a list of some variants of Broadloom Carpet &Carpet tiles / Planks

Carpet Tiles & Plank-

This part of the market has grown extensively in the last 5 years to be approx. 80% of the gross commercial m2 installed per annum in the Australian commercial construction sector. The reasons for this are easy to see, Its modular so replacement and cleaning is very easy, The designs and quality are excellent and being modular the ease and quickness of the installation are apparent. This is the product for office, education and retail environments along with almost any area were carpet is required or desired with many backings providing acoustic and comfort in line with traditional carpet installations.

Tufted carpet-

– Whether it be wool , solution dyed nylon or other variants in fibre, or it it be conventionally laid on underlay with smoothedge at the edges, Dual bonded to underlay or stuck directly to the subfloor. it can be installed with an anti microbial treatment also,

Tufted carpet is still the trusted, tried and true product for the education and health sectors but it is increasingly loosing market share to modular versions of carpet

Woven carpet-

– The (jewel in the crown) if you want your corporate logo or any pattern imaginable and you want a carpet that will possibly outlive the building its in, Well this is it. It may not be cheap but its well worth the investment and is still the product of choice for hotels, gaming and major entertainment venues.


Resilient floor and wall coverings is a very versatile and easy to maintain product and below is a list of options

Sheet vinyl flooring & wallcovering

Is used in a wide range of installations its versatility has seen it grow to one of the most used floorcoverings commercially were its designs and long wearing capabilities coupled with the safety and coving capabilities make the right product for the job a very easy task.

The design and soft underfoot feel is a very popular choice in this ever increasing marketplace. Its used extensively in the commercial sector as it’s the first choice product for floors and walls in many areas such as health, education, retail and office fit outs it comes in many forms from 1.83-2.00 lm wide sheet vinyl to vinyl tiles and vinyl planks Homogenous Sheet vinyl – (solid) This is extremely hard wearing and perfect for health installations to floors and walls and is readily covetable and hot welded and gives a completely impervious surface.

It’s extremely easy to clean and maintain and will last forever. Heterogeneous sheet vinyl – (multilayer) Thus is also extremely hard wearing but also adds that softer feel underfoot. Because its multilayered the designs are endless and any design or style you want will be found in this range thus why its very popular in education, education and retail fit outs.

Non slip sheet vinyl – (safety) This is used any place these days but is both multilayered and homogenous with the added bonus of achieving slip ratings dependant on the range and design from r.10 , r.11 and r.12 is readily coverable and is used in all areas were slip resistance is important and long term durability is wanted hence why this type of product is widely used in all sectors.

Vinyl tile & Plank(lvt & lvp)

– (vct) Vinyl composition tiles are the most hard wearing floor you will find its widely used in the supermarket and department store markets world wide and is usually 300mm x 300mm in size and at 3mm thick its not uncommon to last for 20+ years.

Vinyl plank and tile – (lvt) Luxury vinyl tile and plank as its known is very versatile with endless designs and sizes it used in the retail, office and educational sectors mainly but is the popular choice for many other areas with its design and functionality.


Is used in a wide range of installations its versatility has seen it grow to one of the most used floorcoverings commercially were its designs and long wearing capabilities make the right product for the job a very easy task.

Linoleum has been around since the early 20th century and it’s easy to see why. It’s both environmentally and functionally a fantastic product. It over the last 10 years has also added the cleaning benefits of vinyl (PVC) flooring that it once didn’t have and is now just as easy to clean as vinyl flooring if not easier.

It has a colour range that is second to none and if installed in the right areas it will last forever. It can be coved up walls however it should not be installed in any areas were floor wastes or continuous splashing of water is evident.

Linoleum is very popular in the educational, retail and office fit out areas and is becoming more and more frequently used in the health and government fit out sectors.


Polished Concrete-

Polished concrete is a very popular floorcovering for Retail fitouts, Entrance foyers, Apartment blocks and Domestic dwellings. It starts by diamond grinding the existing concrete slab as many passes as required to expose the existing aggregate in the slab, once this is completed, its then grinded progressively and with the addition of hardeners & densifiers to ensure the floor is returned to a smooth burnished surface and finally depending on the customers’ requirements a clear or coloured sealer or wear layer is applied. Different slip ratings will occur and cannot be guaranteed unless a wear layer is applied


Concrete Overlays-

Concrete Overlays floor fulfils the highest requirements of style, exclusiveness and good durability. The seamless and joint

-free floors give a spacious impression. The concrete feel and industrial appearance not only ensure a quality appearance in public areas, the concrete overlays have become an extremely popular floorcovering. They are used traditionally in Cafes, Shops, Office Foyers, Art Galleries and Domestic units and now also increasingly in private living spaces.

They are on average a 4-5mm layer of concrete self-levelling compound with colour additives for a unique or individual floorcovering, or as most customers choose to have it straight from the bag, without any colour additives which will give a traditional warehouse look and feel.

When the overlay is completed its buffed and 2 coats of clear water based epoxy is applied to enhance the existing colour and texture, and also to provide a wear layer and sealer that is easily cleaned and maintained. As with most floorcoverings concrete overlays have limitations and we believe are not suitable for wet areas.



Tactile Ground Surface Indicators (TGSI) have been introduced to the market for some time now due the the ever increasing need for hazard identification. They are usually installed were a change in the surface is to occur like a stairway, ramp, pedestrian crossing, train station platform etc. Tactiles now come in many versions from individual metal & pvc to pvc and metal tiles in various sizes and can be set into a slab, stuck on top of a surface or mechanically fixed.


Rubber Tiles & Sheet-

Rubber tiles & sheet is used extensively were a hard wearing product is needed, it has great acoustic qualities as well as that soft under foot feel in most options. In the last few years it has come back to be a very popular choice with architectural designers due to its environmental qualities and vastly improved designs.

Rubber flooring can be used used in many areas such as ramps, walkways both indoor and outdoor, pool surrounds, gym’s and ever increasing in the retail & education sector with advancement in technology & design. Rubber comes in thickness from 2mm up to 50mm with multilayers and in both sheet, tile and plank options Rubber flooring is made from many virgin & recycled rubber products such as car tyres which makes it a very environmentally friendly proposition for architects & specifiers with a environmental policy in mind


Stair Nosing’s-

Stair nosing’s are exactly what they say they are. They go over the edge of a step to decrease the chances of a person tripping or falling on a step and they also protect the sub floor or the floorcovering installed on the step.

Stair nosing come predominantly in aluminium with various types of inserts including fluorescent to add colour and appearance to the finished product but also comes in brass, PVC, plastic and timber.


Entrance Matting-

Entrance matting in the flooring industry has become a very popular product recently, with the advent of many products being imported from overseas and along side the Australian manufacturers we now have a very big range to choose from.

From aluminium framed engineered matting with fibre inserts to coir, needle punch, walk off and modular matting and the list goes on and on the matting, industry has so many alternatives for every situation. Entrance matting needs to be installed professionally as it’s the first thing a client or employee notices when they walk into a premises yet so often its not specified properly or installed incorrectly.